UPS Driver Runs ‘Afowl’ of Family’s Territorial and Slightly Psycho Guard Rooster

Being a delivery driver can be a tough job. You often find yourself dealing with all kinds of conditions. And while most drivers have a healthy fear of aggressive guard dogs, one driver recently reminded everyone not to overlook the two-legged feathered protectors either!

This poor UPS driver was doing his job, and like most drivers, he had a schedule to keep as he was delivering two packages to what seemed to be a pretty accessible home.

However, soon it became clear that this home was under the watchful eye of a big, cranky, and very territorial rooster named Fred, who did not like him being on its turf.

The driver immediately recognizes the danger and begins walking, side to side, with his hands holding both packages in the air, trying to make it to the customer’s porch without upsetting the irritable fowl more than he needs to.

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Some speculated that it may have been an act to make himself look bigger to Fred, but the mini terror was watching his every move like a hawk.

He also starts clapping the packages together,  hoping perhaps the loud noise would scare the bird away, but no luck.

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The driver was slightly intimidated by this feathered security guard as he managed to make his way onto the porch.

“You don’t want me on the porch, huh?” the man says at one point.

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Booth, the man, and the rooster maintain eye contained during the entire episode. Thankfully, the bird eases off as the man does his job.

After leaving the packages, the man looks into the security camera and expresses his disapproval of their security guard, saying, “not cool.”

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However, it appears that Fred overheard him as he came back, just as the driver was leaving the porch.

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After going down the steps, the man knows he will not be able to walk away and breaks into a run for his truck.

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And, of course, Fred was more than happy to chase him!

AJ Taylor, the homeowner, posted the video to Facebook and said:

“Well the UPS man met Fred the guard rooster today. Fred was born angry this is just the 1st time we got it on camera. If anyone knows the UPS man send him my apologies.”

Source: YouTube

You can watch the hilarious standoff in the video below.

And Here’s a news report about the feather-ruffling incident.

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