Dawn French Shares a Profoundly Heartfelt Message of Love and Support for the Violence Against Women and Girls Gala

In May, Dawn French, the iconic comedian, and actress whose mother, Felicity Roma, founded Plymouth’s Trevi, urged the people of Plymouth to support that month’s special event honoring Bobbi-Anne McLeod.

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The fundraising event celebrated the women of Plymouth and was given a notable boost by one of the nation’s most beloved comedians.

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Dawn French took time away from preparing for her new one-woman nationwide tour to offer the attendees of the Plymouth Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) Gala her heartfelt support and best wishes. The event took place on May 27.

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At the event, which PlymouthLive supported, the outlet’s “Just Stop Campaign” challenged certain negative behaviors and encouraged discussion around the issue of male violence and women’s safety. They were also joined by the Devon & Plymouth Chamber of Commerce, Plymouth Gossip Girls, Plymouth Argyle Football Club, and the Plymouth City Patriots.

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Dawn proudly noted she is a Janner as she highlighted her ties to the city and how Trevi, the leading women’s charity in Devon, was “something my mum founded and I hold it very close to my heart.”

Her address served to remind guests why they were at the event and encouraged addressing the broader concern regarding the fear girls and women feel every day, especially after the terrible murder of 18-year-old Bobbi-Anne McLeod in Plymouth.

In the 28 years, the Trevi’s has been in operation. It’s helped transform the lives of thousands of women and children. The charity works tirelessly to support women and children impacted by domestic abuse and violence every year by providing them with safe and nurturing places where women and their families can heal, grow, and thrive.

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You can watch Dawn’s special message in the video below.

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