She Left Her Car Parked Overnight At A Restaurant And Had A Note Waiting For Her In The Morning

When Paula Grzelak-Schultz left her car parked overnight outside of a restaurant, she wasn’t expecting anything unusual to take place. It was when she came back the next day, however, that she ended up finding a note attached to the windscreen. It was from the management and she cringed when she saw it.

Paula wasn’t expecting anything nice to come out of this, she thought she was about to be chewed out by someone who worked to the restaurant. After all, most of us would expect the same but in the end, she found something that was quite interesting. It wasn’t a nasty note that was left on her vehicle, it was a heartwarming message and it included a coupon for some free wings.

It read:

Dear Original Joe’s Sherwood Park Guest,

Just wanted to thank you for leaving your car parked overnight. I’m not sure if you had consumed alcohol at our restaurant or not, but we wanted to thank you for not drinking and driving. Enclosed is a voucher good for 1 lb. of our delicious chicken wings. Please accept this as a thank you for being responsible. Life is valuable, have a great weekend.

She shared the letter on Facebook and the post went viral almost immediately. It has been shared and liked thousands of times. Although the owner of the restaurant claims that it wasn’t done for publicity, it certainly has given him a good name.

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