Ed Sheeran Stands With YEBBA For A Soul-Stirring Performance Of ‘Best Part Of Me’

If you are a fan of Ed Sheeran, you already know that he is a very talented individual but he also happens to be a genuine individual as well. You can hear it in his music and in the way that he performs but you can also see it in the fact that he isn’t afraid to share the limelight. That is what happened when he was live at Abbey Road to perform “Best Part of Me” with YEBBA. The two of them blended their voices together in an amazing way and it is perhaps one of those moments that will stick with you for a very long time. Each of them can truly perform in a way that is entertaining on their own but when they mix their voices, it is something beyond entertaining.

YEBBA is a songwriter and singer who comes from West Memphis, Arkansas. Although she is known by her stage name around the world, her true name is Abby Smith. She became well known by chance after she backed up Chance the Rapper on Saturday Night Live in 2016. By the time 2017 rolled around, she had taken advantage of that burst of fame and released a debut single, Evergreen. It wasn’t long before she was famous in her own way but singing with Ed Sheeran is something that helped to boost her fame on a very large scale.

YEBBA is more than just a singer, she has been an advocate for mental health ever since her mother committed suicide. It happened a week after she sang her original song for the first time, “My Mind” and that song has even come to represent mental health in many ways.

This video is evidence of the fact that Ed Sheeran doesn’t have any enemies, he just has friends that he hasn’t met yet. Enjoy the music and the cooperation between two amazing singers in the video below.