Jimmy Fallon And Ariana Grande Make Us All Laugh When They Do ‘Ew!’ Together

I think that most of us would agree that Jimmy Fallon is a very talented individual. When we watch the Tonight Show, we are going to see him doing some rather interesting things, often with a superstar celebrity by his side. Those celebrities can sing, dance, act and entertain people in all types of different ways but interestingly, Jimmy Fallon is also a very talented person as well. This comes out clearly in many of his skits that are created in order to entertain anyone who was watching. One of those skits was released in 2014 and it has been wildly popular! It happened when he wrote the song Ew! Which was based on a skit that you will see below.

In the skit, Jimmy Fallon sits with one of his celebrity guest stars and they play teenage girls. Jimmy Fallon is Sara without the H, because H is so Ew. They do what many teenage girls would typically do. They talk about things that are disgusting in their eyes, they sing a song every now and then and of course, they take a lot of selfies. It’s always interesting to see this skit because it really puts the celebrity in an interesting light. They get to have a lot of fun and everyone who was watching gets to have fun as well. Jimmy Fallon has played this skit with many talented individuals but in this case, he does it with Ariana Grande. The results are everything you would expect them to be.

Ariana Grande plays Alexa and in the video you see below, they are having a sing-off between each other. Jimmy Fallon does a fairly good job but as you can imagine, Ariana Grande does phenomenal.

Jimmy Fallon has Ariana Grande on his show frequently. They are good friends in real life, and it really shows when it comes to how they interact with each other. Watch it for yourself in the video below and you will become an even bigger fan.