Tattooed Bikers Hear About A Dog Fighting Ring And Bring It Down With Fury

When most of us think about a gang of bikers with tattoos, we don’t necessarily have the best thoughts in mind. Often, we stereotype those individuals and in many cases, they do live up to their reputation.

As you’re about to see, however, not all bikers fall into this category and that is true of those who belong to Rescue Ink. In fact, the bikers who belong to that group are certain to change your mind and leave you warm and fuzzy feeling on the inside.

It started in Kentucky when a pit bull escaped from a dog fighting ring. Unfortunately, the dog had been used as a bait dog because he wasn’t overly aggressive. They knew that they had to do something about it.

After the pitbull had pictures posted on the Internet by the local Humane Society, Rescue Ink became aware. It was sad because the dog had been abused for years and had very badly infected wounds.

Joe Panz is one of the bikers who really had a heart for this beautiful dog. He got on a plane along with another one of his friends, and the two of them headed for Kentucky. They were going to adopt the dog and find the dog fighting ring.

When it came to looking for the dog fighting ring, they had a strange advantage. Since they were rather rough looking themselves, nobody would have thought that they were looking to get a little revenge.

It didn’t take long before they found out about the dog fighting ring and where they met. Shortly after, it was shut down. They took the dog home and named him Rebel.

Panz knew that being a biker guy with plenty of tattoos would work in his favor in this regard. He knew that working with others would also really make it possible to save more and more animals.

That is when Rescue Ink was created. Rebel was even the mascot for the organization. The tough-looking members would travel around America to bust dogfighting rings. They would also rescue dogs and teach others about how to raise dogs properly.

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