Toddler Re-Creates The Beauty And The Beast Dance With Her Furry Friend

When we have a dog in our family, we all get very close to them quickly. They are a special family member that has all the rights and privileges of the humans in the household.

That being said, there is something special about the bond between a child and the dog in the family. It seems as if they grow up together and that love of animals will last for a lifetime.

Nobody knows this better than a little girl named Emily. She was absolutely in love with her best friend, the family dog, Rudy, and the feeling was mutual.

Emily also loved the movie, Beauty and the Beast, and she watched it frequently. Even though she is only three years old, she has seen the 1991 Disney movie over 100 times and still going.

Since she loves the movie so much, her mother, Kaylee ordered a costume for Rudy so that he could dress up like the beast from the movie. It was a surprise, and Emily took it in stride.

When Emily asked to watch the movie again, she was busy watching all that was taking place on the screen in front of her and Rudy was there with his costume on.

Suddenly, something unexpected happened. The dog didn’t understand what was going on but he knew that Emily wanted to dance and they re-created the dance scene between the Princess and The Beast.

As the two of them danced in the middle of the room, the mother took the video and we can only imagine she had tears in her eyes. When she posted it online, it went viral for all the right reasons.

You can watch it happen for yourself in this video:

Source: Facebook