2-Year-Old Starts Singing And Dad Rushes To Take A Video

You don’t have to be a parent to realize that children are amazing. They can do things that are completely out of their league and at times, they can leave you with the biggest smile on your face.

For example, children have a built-in ability to enjoy music. We often see them dancing from the time they can stand up and move, but did you know that children can also sing?

Steven Converse is a guitarist who lives in Modesto, but he is also a proud father. His son has been exposed to music from a very young age, but he did something one day that left them shocked and smiling through tears.

Daniel, their son, was only two years old and he often hung out with his dad while he was making music. It wasn’t out of the ordinary for Daniel to pick up some music along the way, and that includes one of his father’s favorite songs, Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley.

One day, they were surprised when their son stepped up to the mic and started singing that song without any prompting.

Stephen said: “To hear him, just like, memorize the words and sing it by himself was… kind of a special moment for us.”

Rather than just keeping this to himself and allowing the moment to pass, he took Daniel into the studio and put some headphones on him. He then started playing the guitar while his son sang the music.

When you hear Daniel singing, you quickly realize just how much mastery he has over the music. He is two years old, so he doesn’t get all of the words right but I think many of us have the same problem.

The real delight is in hearing the melody and the timing of the music coming out of Daniel. He’s a natural, and we hope to see much more of him in the future.