Hilarious K-9 Officer Jumps Up And Wants to Help Make A Video

The world has really changed how we do many things, including the way that we recruit those who will help us. Police departments sometimes take advantage of the new technology, and share videos to get other people interested in applying for work.

That is what one Police Department did, but they weren’t expecting help from an overly enthusiastic and somewhat helpful, in a strange way, K-9 officer. That dog wanted to do everything possible to assist, but things didn’t turn out as well as they could in a very funny way.

With the video camera rolling, the dog is very excited to get started. You can see him standing behind the desk and just wanting to get in on the action.

Suddenly, the K-9 jumped up on the desk and he could no longer contain his excitement. I don’t know if he realized that a video was being taken or not, but he was obviously having a lot of fun.

His human boss was also in on the action, and he was somewhat surprised by what his doggy companion was doing. You could also tell that he was amused by the behavior as well.


K-9 Jinx was such a good boy for wanting to help with the Warrick County Sheriff’s recruitment video! We appreciate his patience and cooperation 🤎🐾

♬ original sound – WCSO

Jinx is more than just a good boy, he is also a dedicated canine officer. These dogs do a great service for the community but they are also very excited about their work. That is why his human didn’t want to scold him for being so enthusiastic.

After the clip went viral online, people began commenting on Jinx’s and his happy-go-lucky behavior. They spoke about his enthusiasm and how they were happy to see that he got the zoomies sometimes.

You don’t get to see this very often but this just shows that dogs are dogs, and we love them for it.