Man Walks Into Barbershop After Years On The Street And Walks Out With A New Life

It’s always interesting when we see somebody being made over. That is especially true when the makeover is extreme, as is the case with this man.

His name is Joao Coelho Guimaraes and he had been living on the streets in Brazil for three years. He knew that he was unkempt but he didn’t have a razor, so he walked into a barbershop and asked for one.

Joao did need his beard trimmed but he certainly needed a lot more than that. The barbers decided to do something for him and in the process, they changed his life.

The staff offered him some food but he said he was not interested because he didn’t want a handout. The staff continued to work with him and when he was finished, he had a neatly trimmed beard and a fresh haircut along with new clothes, shoes, and a jacket.

In other words, Joao walked in looking like a mess and walked out looking like a million bucks. The barbershop shared pictures of the transformation and it wasn’t long before they were going viral. They also made it to his sister who had been looking for him for a decade.

When Maria saw the pictures she got in touch with the barbershop and hoped that they could help with a reunion. The barbershop was happy to oblige and Joao was thrilled when his family was waiting for him in the barbershop. They hugged and cried and it was a beautiful reunion.

They weren’t sure why he had left home because nobody wanted to question him and they didn’t want to take away his dignity with that sort of questioning. All the barbershop wanted to do was to give him a neatly trimmed beard, some new clothing, and a fresh start at life. Well done!