The Response To Their Little Neighbor Is Leaving Everyone In Tears

I think that most of us have been in a position where we saw something that would be a lot of fun but we didn’t have the permissions to do it. This is especially true for children, and sometimes it may have been in their own neighborhood.

That is the case with the little girl who left a note for her neighbor. Apparently, she had knocked on their door and nobody answered, so she decided to write a letter and leave it in their mailbox.

She had a question, but she wasn’t sure if they were going to agree with her request or not. When they replied to her request, it was a very genuine and kind reply that showed us just how important it is to be kind to others.

The little girl noticed that her neighbors had a basketball hoop in their driveway and she wanted to put it to use. She wrote a note, asking if she could shoot some hoops after school and asked them to leave the response and put the note back in her mailbox.

Imagine her surprise when she opened the mailbox and found out that they not only agreed to it, they were giving her permission to have fun.

You don’t see this type of kindness very often and people are often very possessive of what they own. Sharing in this way, however, not only helped one little girl to enjoy some exercise after school, it restored our faith in humanity.