Jesus’ Unexpected Appearance Changes Burglar’s Mind

When a burglar breaks into a home, they do so knowing that there is a possibility they’ll going to get caught. Most people who do this are willing to pay the price if necessary, but they hope they can get away with it so they can get something for nothing.

In the following joke, we read about a burglar that breaks into a house and gets more than what he was expecting. In fact, there is a voice out of the dark that at first makes him angry, but in the end, it makes us laugh.

A burglar broke into a home in the middle of the night.

While he is slowly moving through the empty and dark house, he hears a strange voice coming from the darkness beyond that says: “Jesus is watching you.”

Surprised, the burglar points his flashlight toward the sound, only to discover that a parrot made the sound.

Angry, the burglar says: “So you are the little noise that almost made me poop my pants? You winged rat. I should stew you in boiling water for that!”

The parrot then says: “Saint Peter is watching you.”

Intrigued, the burglar says: “I lost my faith a long time ago. I don’t believe what you are saying. What is your name, little bird?”

The parrot replies: “My name is Judas.”

The burglar busts out laughing and asks: “What kind of stupid jerk would name a parrot Judas?”

The parrot promptly responds: “The same stupid jerk that named Jesus and Saint Peter, the two pit bulls behind you.”