Man Takes A Shower With An IKEA Stool And Gets His Testicle Stuck. Posts It On Facebook

Many of us enjoy IKEA, not only because the store is awesome but because what they sell goes together easily and it is quite affordable in many cases. More than likely, we have a story about putting IKEA furniture together or using it but it is nothing compared to the story.

When 45-year-old Claus Jørstad took to Facebook to talk about his story with an IKEA stool, nobody was expecting what he had to say. It seems as if he had his testicle stuck in a small hole in the chair.

He wrote that he had placed the plastic chair inside of his shower and when he looked down, he noticed that he was stuck.


It seems as if the hot water caused his testicles to expand, allowing them to get stuck in the small hole in the chair. When the water ended up turning cold, everything went back to normal size, freeing him from his shower prison.


Perhaps the funniest part about this is that IKEA Norway responded. They recommended that he take the stool out of the shower or remain dressed for his next session. They recommended that the stool may be better holding a flower pot.


He now keeps the stool elsewhere in the house. He doesn’t want a refund but he would like for it to come in yellow.


Via: Mashable

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