Fisherman Hooks Monster Catfish And It Breaks The Record

If there’s one thing I know about fishing, it’s the fact that you don’t catch something every time you are out on the water. If you did, they wouldn’t call it fishing. They would call it catching.

Although we may not always be successful when we are out fishing, it is usually a good day. There are times, however, when the catch is bigger than expected, which was the case with Benjamin Gründer.

Benjamin was out fishing on the River Po in Italy. While fishing, he thought he got his lines snagged, but it was something he couldn’t have expected. Suddenly, he felt the line bounce, and he knew a fish was on the other end.

When you hook a fish, you never quite know what you will pull up out of the water. Benjamin had no idea that a 300-pound catfish was on the end of the line, but that was exactly what he caught.

How long would it take to reel in a catfish that was 9 feet long and weighed 300 pounds? Most people would probably think it took hours, but he was able to get the fish in the boat within 45 minutes.

The previous record catfish was the Mekong giant catfish. It was caught in 2005 by two fishermen fishing on the Mekong River. It was 9 feet and weighed 646 pounds.

It’s hard to judge by the picture, but it looks as if this catfish is just as big or bigger than the record. You might also appreciate knowing that he catches and releases fish so they live to swim another day.

This video shows more: