Studies Prove Kids Need Their Grandparents More Than We Know

Many of us look back on our childhood and have some fond memories. They may not involve everyone in our life, but they often involve our grandparents.

Over the years, they have done studies to show why grandchildren and grandparents need each other. They looked beyond the obvious, such as grandparents making good babysitters or having life experience they can pass along to the young ones.

They also came up with some of the best reasons why grandparents are loved by their grandchildren and why they need them. I’m sure you’ll appreciate the following 15 reasons that will make you love your grandparents or grandchildren even more.

1. They teach us about life

Grandparents have life experience and wisdom they’ve gained over the years. They can pass it along to their grandchildren in a special way. As a result, grandchildren learn from the older generation and can live their life according to those suggestions.

2. Grandchildren are happier around grandparents

In The Gerontologist, researchers confirmed that parents have a positive effect on their grandchildren’s happiness. They looked at the influence and togetherness of grandparents and adult grandchildren and felt that it was a worthwhile relationship. As a result, both generations had fewer signs of depression.

3. Grandparents tend to be sympathetic

Children may, at times, get angry with their parents, but grandparents are there to act as a cushion between the two. Undoubtedly, children can find something to complain about often, but their grandparents tend to be more supportive than judgmental.

4. They are part of our history

As we get older, family history becomes more and more important to us. Our grandparents are often the earliest link we have to the past. By looking at the way our grandparents live, we can learn more about the generations prior to them.

5. It’s a win-win relationship

Children love their grandparents, but grandparents also love their grandchildren. It tends to be a relationship that works well in both directions. According to some studies, grandparents are more likely to live longer and happier lives if they regularly babysit their grandchildren.

6. We learn to enjoy life

There are issues we experience as we get older, but we don’t need to let those issues rule our lives. When we look at our grandparents, we learn that you can laugh about your problems and allow the bad things to roll off your back on occasion.

7. Grandparents are good friends

We could all use more friends in life. Sometimes, our grandparents fit that role very nicely. Parents are there to raise their children and they are too deeply involved in our lives to be a best friend. That’s fine, but grandparents are a great companion that children can look to.

8. They provide a role model

Grandparents become role models to their grandchildren by the things they say and do. They may be old-fashioned in some ways, but that way of life is one that can be a positive thing when it rubs off on the younger generation.

9. Grandparents are stylish

The younger generation sometimes will ignore style and do what is comfortable. Grandparents may also do the same thing, but sometimes, they are okay with getting dressed up in the best way possible. It’s a great example for the younger generation.

10. Grandparents bring stability

We live in a world that can be difficult at times. Even though the child’s world may be falling apart, grandparents can be a stable force to see them through.

11. They know what you need

Sometimes, our fond memories of our grandparents include being at their house and getting everything we need. They fill our plates with delicious food and provide us with lots of TLC.

12. Grandparents can be involved

According to, grandparents are very important and provide satisfaction to grandchildren. Three out of four grandparents tend to get involved with the grandchildren and are there when they need them the most.

13. Grandparents help grandchildren learn about time

Time is a commodity, and once it is gone, we can’t get it back again. Grandparents understand how grandchildren grow up quickly, so they make sure they celebrate the moments along the way.

14. Grandchildren are great teachers

Grandparents benefit from the relationship because they need help sometimes. They may not always be up on the latest technology, but all it takes is a simple phone call and their grandchildren are there to help.

5. Love without restraint

Grandparents offer unconditional love to their grandchildren. They love them no matter what, it is just something they provide every day. Many children don’t learn about this until too much time has passed.