Quirky 88-Year-Old Nun Tells Hysterical Biblical Constipation Joke That Left Everyone in Stitches

It’s hard to imagine too many clean, funny biblical jokes, but it seems 88-tear-old Sister DePaul Stava has one or two hilarious zingers, one of which involves constipation and some famous biblical figures.

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While many consider religion pretty stuffy, Sister DePaul proves that not everyone takes everything about their faith so seriously. Even nuns can have a good sense of humor!

Sister DePaul is a member of the Benedictine Sisters of the Sacred Heart in Lisle, Illinois. In the facility, they describe the older nun as having the gift of keeping things “light-hearted and playful.”

The Sister’s Cheeky Joke

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And we can believe it after watching her hilarious video, which has been going viral on social media.

In the video, she asks, “Did you hear about the five constipated men of the Bible?

She then begins to share her hilarious joke by referencing five critical biblical figures and some scripture-based “evidence” suggesting constipation. For example, she says Cain “wasn’t Able.”

All for a Good Cause

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Sister DePaul is one of many priests and nuns who participate in religious orders study with Rush University and Emory University. The purpose of this 25-year study is to understand better why some people “stay sharp until the end of life,” and others begin suffering from cognitive decline as early as their sixties.

The humorous nun loves to entertain by telling jokes and playing her harmonica. According to the study, the nun’s sense of humor and positive outlook may be what’s helping protect her brain from dementia. It certainly sounds like good medicine, right?

Data from the study so far seems to suggest that lifestyle factors can help delay, compensate for, and prevent dementia. Things like being physically and socially active, having a true purpose in life, maintaining a healthy diet, learning a new language (including music), and humor.

A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste

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In addition to her contribution to the study, Sister Depaul and other participants have also agreed to donate their brains to science after their death to help further research. The sister shared how she felt about donating her brain to science, saying:

ā€œIā€™m dead, what do I care?ā€

You can check out her hilarious video below.

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