7 Times Kids Brought Homework Home And Stumped Their Parents

There are two types of people in this world, those who enjoy doing homework and those who would rather do anything else. Sometimes, the individuals who hate homework are not even children, they are the parents of children who have to help with it.

It isn’t just the fact that you are learning at home, because that is to be expected but it’s the fact that they send home questions that sometimes don’t have an answer. These questions stump the children and it is possible that they can stump the parents as well.

Look down through the following seven questions that were sent home to young children. You will see that the struggles many parents face with helping their children with homework are real.



[Grade 1 English]
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Son’s kindergarten school work. What 3-4 letter word is this??
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This 3rd grade math problem…
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So confused at a 6 year old’s homework.
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