Customer Catches Starbucks Barista Bad-Mouthing Her in Drive-Thru After Acidently Leaving His Mic On

Imagine being able to hear what restaurant workers are saying about you behind the scenes. Would what would you do if you could hear employees speaking ill of you? On TikToker claims she overheard a Starbucks employee making fun of her and her unique order on a hot mic.

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The video, which was posted by popular user April Buckles @aprilmbuckles, has already amassed over 833,000 views with over 1,400 comments.

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In the video, April is seen sitting in her car, and she begins by asking her 400,000 followers whether she’s “the drama” and proceeds to recount the story of her “really bad encounter” at Starbucks.

I know that “my order is complicated,” April admits. She adds, though, that she’s been a loyal Starbucks customer for over a decade and always orders the same thing: a trenta iced green tea with 14 packs of agave.

“I used to cut up the agave and put it in there myself before COVID came, … because I feel bad,” she says. “I know the service industry is hard.”

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Since the pandemic started, however, April says that employees insisted on doing the work themselves, in an effort perhaps to avoid germs. But after April recited her order to this particular drive-thru operator, she says he appeared “exasperated.”

“He left his mic on and was like, ‘Yeah, have fun making that,’” April says she overheard.

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April then adds that the cashier was very curt with her at the window and even “slammed the door shut” between taking her money and handing her the beverage she ordered, and once again, after concluding her transaction.

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Then she says she noticed that her drink wasn’t made correctly and asked the cashier if there was any agave at the bottom of the shaker used to make her drink, which he denied without even bothering to look. She says that she then asked whether she could have a straw to see if they gave just stuck to the bottom of her cup, and says the employee “snatched a straw and give it to me without saying anything.”

“I tell him, ‘I think the order is wrong because it doesn’t taste like anything is in it,’” she says. “He’s like, “Well, I can try to remake it. What do you want me to do?”

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Since the store was closing soon, April didn’t want to trouble them to remake her order, but the employee didn’t seem to appreciate her consideration because “he then proceeded to slam the door so hard that it [vibrated.].” He also stormed off; she says, “swinging his hands in the air and saying a bunch of stuff.”

April concludes her video by saying that she asked for a manager. “I’ve never done that before,” she says.

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Several commenters were curious to know what the manager did about the situation, while others said the employee’s actions were inexcusable.

“As a former barista, this is an EASY drink. And the way you were treated was so out of line and uncalled for. I’m sorry this happened,” reads one comment with over 3,000 likes.


You can watch April’s video below.


No bc fr fr shame on you. I have never asked to speak to someone’s MANAGER! Now I gotta sit here and email your boss 😩 #starbucks #fyp @Starbucks #customerserviceproblems #customerservice

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