“I’m Sick of This Family!”: News Anchor Walks Off Rather Than Report Another Story About the Kardashians

A news anchor on Fox 35’s “Good Day Orlando” named John Brown became so annoyed by how often he had to report on the goings-on of the Kardashian family that he finally said enough was enough and walked off the air rather than talk about them again.

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It likely did not help that the story they were reporting that day was about the name Kylie Jenner decided to give to her new pet rabbit.

Off-stage he could be heard yelling:

“I don’t care. … It’s a non-story. You’re talking about this family every freaking day on this show. Nobody cares about this family anymore. I can’t take anymore Kardashian stories on this show.”

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Brown’s main issue was how he had to report on topics such as how Jenner named her new rabbit, “Bruce,” after her dad, and how this has somehow become TV-worthy news.

“That’s enough of these guys!” he said during his rant.

Later, Brown added that it seems like many media outlets such as his own think that their viewers are the kind of people who want to hear about these kinds of stories, and then when the public continues hearing about them, they expect to hear more and more, and how it’s become a vicious cycle.

He didn’t have an issue with reporting on something Kardashian-related that in his opinion qualifies as “actual news” but to report non-stop on every frivolously little thing like this was just too much for him to bear.

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And it seemed like he even had support on the set, as jenny Castillo, a correspondent for Rumba 100.3 and the person delivering the news about Jenner’s rabbit, cried back to him, “The bad part is that I agree with you!”

She then did her best to calm her co-worker by saying “Breathe. Breathe. Breathe, my love. Breathe.” Meanwhile, his replacement ancho on the set noted how “his head looks like a tomato right now.”

It should be noted that Brown later said that the incident was “partly jest” and that he really didn’t lose control, although he added that his opinion about not reporting every Kardashian story as real news was still a valid point.

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Brown also described the social media hashtag  #NoKardashiansForAWeek which began to trend as “silly” and reiterated that the Kardashians should be covered when they do something newsworthy, regardless of how many times they are covered in a week.

You can watch the original video of his outburst below.

And you can watch Brown’s follow-up segment talking about the incident in the video below.

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