Boy With Autism Writes Poem For Homework, His Teacher Is At A Loss For Words

There is no doubt that poetry has the ability to move us. In fact, our emotions can often be touched by poetry to the extent that it can make us laugh, cry or leave us speechless. Of course, there are some poems that are able to do so easier than others, and this one certainly deserves a place on the list. What may come as a surprise to you is that it was written by a young boy with autism, and even the teacher was shocked.

Benjamin Giroux, a 10 year old student, was given a homework assignment and was asked to write a poem. Rather than just firing off something that rhymed, he took the time to pour out his heart and let people know what it was like to live with autism. The results were astounding.

Benjamin had always felt different because he was autistic and at times, it made him stand out from the other children.


His poem, “I Am,” shows his emotions in such a special way and when you read it, you will see he certainly is a special youngster.


Since he wrote it, the poem has gone viral and even the National Autism Association highlighted and shared it with others.