Man Is Enjoying Vacation At The Pool When His doppelgänger Shows Up

It has often been said that there is a twin out there for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you call them a brother from a different mother or a doppelgänger, it is essentially the same thing.

One person experienced this while he was on vacation and met his clone at the swimming pool. He shared his experience on Reddit, saying that he wasn’t convinced until now but on that day, he randomly swam past his doppelgänger at the Flamingo pool in Vegas.

If it wasn’t interesting enough that he shared this information, he also took a picture and shared it on that social media platform. It was of him and a complete stranger but the resemblance between the two of them is too interesting to ignore.

Not only did they look like each other and have the same, half-shaven face, they were also wearing the same types of glasses and even had a ball cap on. Even the smile looked identical.

In the comments, Sean explained that he was swimming in the pool when he saw some strangers pointing and laughing at him. As you can imagine, he felt a little self-conscious but that is when he saw that his friends were doing something similar to another man.

As it turns out, the two of them were almost identical. He was absolutely taken aback when he saw the other person, thinking that he looked exactly like the person he sees in the mirror.

There were plenty of people who had comments, including someone who said there were three of him at every brewery. Another commenter claimed that he was better looking than the other guy.

Although the odds of finding a doppelgänger in real life are unlikely, there is an opportunity because the chance does exist in real life. They may not be the same person or an identical twin, but they could be somebody that looked like us.