Grandparents Stop Creep From Kidnapping 6-Year-Old Granddaughter By Serving Him A Good Ole’ Fashioned Beat Down

If you’re a scumbag thinking about stealing a grandchild from grandma and grandpa’s house, you better think again. This creep named Benjamin Dillion, 37, of Indiana thought to kidnap a 6-year-old child from her grandparents’ house and learned an excruciating lesson.

On the night of June 10th, Dillion busted in the door of grandmother Patty Roth’s home in a rage demanding that she and her husband hand over his daughter.

It turns out that Dillion’s daughter wasn’t there, but the Roths’ 6-year-old granddaughter was. However, she was not Dillion’s daughter. Roth’s husband immediately went into full Granddaddy bear mode and beat the living daylights out of Dillion, driving the creep out of their apartment.

After Grandpa Roth forced Dillion out, the grandparents then barricaded their apartment door and awaited the arrival of the police. Once the cops got there, Dillion was still pretty riled up and even tried to fight the officers (which never ends well). The officers were forced to taser Dillon a few times before they could finally subdue him.

The Roths said they believed that Dillion was probably hopped up on drugs — which makes grandpa’s act of heroism even more impressive as he had to fight off a meth’d out lunatic almost half his age!

They also said they had no idea why Dillion picked their apartment, and if he came back, he might not be so lucky next time.

This just goes to show you that you can never judge a book by its cover, especially when those books are grandparents who would do anything to protect their precious grandchildren! We applaud both Mr. and Mrs. Roth for protecting their granddaughter from a man who would have done God knows what to their granddaughter.

You two have definitely earned yourselves a pair of “World’s Greatest Grandparent” mugs for Christmas!