There Has To Be Some Science To This

When you turn on the television or look at the news on the Internet, you are going to realise something very quickly. It seems as if everything you hear is negative and it can get quite depressing from time to time. That is why it is important for you to look at the lighter side … Read more

‘Duck Dynasty’ Women Just Shared The Family’s Biggest Struggle–And It Is Eye-Opening

    While the men often take center stage on the hit A&E reality show ‘Duck Dynasty,’ it is clear that the women behind the bearded stars are constant sources of support. As if raising a family rooted in Christ is not hard enough in today’s culture, the Robertson wives do so in front of … Read more

Security Guards Didn’t Allow a Group Of Women to Pray. But What They Did Instead is Even Better!

A group of 10 Christian mall-walkers who call themselves Dublin Girls Run, takes about three minutes to say a short quiet prayer before and after their walks.     They made their walks through the Georgia Dublin Mall, until one day they were asked by a security guard to stop their prayers because it was … Read more