15 Hilarious Times Queen Elizabeth Showed Everyone Her Wickedly Sharp Sense of Humor

Queen Elizabeth II will be remembered as one of the longest-reigning monarchs in human history, and many people believe she always had a disapproving look at everything happening within her presence. But under her trademark regal scowl was a woman with a wickedly sharp sense of humor that made people smile. Her wit was the traditional dry humor the British are famous for. It’s even funnier when the Queen cracks jokes because few people see it coming. While she was a stoic and stern figurehead for the UK and the Commonwealth, the Queen wasn’t above poking fun at herself and others in the most dignified way possible.

To be fair, the Queen wasn’t always clowning around. She took her duties very seriously ever since she ascended to the throne in 1952, but she still managed to find a bit of levity while carrying out her duties. Perhaps she’s where Prince William gets his unique sense of humor from.

Here are 15 of the Queen’s funniest moments.

What Day Is It Again?


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The Queen was known as a super-hard worker. Even during a significant day in 2019. While she was at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Queen signed the guest book while jokingly asking someone for the day’s date, knowing full well that it was November 20, her wedding anniversary with Prince Phillip. Maybe she just wished to remind everyone else of her dedication to carrying out her duties on that particular day.

Do You Know Who I Am!?

The Queen reportedly got into an argument with her mother, where her mom snapped, “Who do you think you are?”

To which the clever monarch retorted, “The Queen, mummy. The Queen.”

Making Fun of President George W. Bush


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President George W. Bush once accidentally said the Queen celebrated America’s bicentennial in 1776 when he meant to say 1976. The Queen didn’t miss the chance to poke fun at the occasion during a speech where she said:

“I wondered whether I should start this toast by saying, When I was there in 1776…”

Waiting for Her Grandson Prince George


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The Queen was one of many people left waiting for Prince George to be born when Kate Middelton’s labor took much longer than expected. Someone asked the Queen if she wished kt e to have a boy or girl, and according to Hello! Magazine, the Queen said:

“I don’t really mind. I hope it arrive soon because I’m going on holiday.”

No Egg-exaggeration

During one of her trips to New Zealand, a few unhappy citizens tossed eggs at the Queen in protest. She later talked about the incident, joking, “New Zealand has long been renowned fo r its dairy produce, though I should say that I myself prefer my New Zealand eggs for breakfast.”



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While being one of the most famous people in the world, the Queen reportedly wasn’t recognized by a group of tourists while she was at her Balmoral country home. The group even asked her if she had ever met the Queen, and Her Majesty posted to her protection officer and said, “No, but this policeman has.”

Horse Show Blooper

The Queen had a similar experience while attending the Windsor Horse Show one year when a guard didn’t immediately recognize her and nearly denied her entry.

“Sorry, love. You can’t come in without a sticker,” he said. The Queen answered, “I think if you check, I will be allowed to come in!” And do you know what? She was.

Pretty Close


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According to a book titled “The Wicked Wit of Queen Elizabeth,” on another occasion while in Scotland, she was told that she looked just like the Queen. Instead of making a big scene and pointing out she was, in fact, the Queen, Her Majesty replied:

“How reassuring.”

The Queen of Observation


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Another story from the same book report that Her Majesty was not a big fan of Niagara Falls during a visit to Canada.

 “It looks very damp,” the Queen reportedly said of the epic waterfall attraction.

Well, she wasn’t wrong.

The Queen’s Wardrobe

Whenever The Queen ventured out, she was usually wearing some sort of blindingly bright outfit. According to royal biographer Robert Hardman, the reason was simple.

“I [can’t] ever wear beige because nobody will know who I am,” she reportedly said.

It seems she spoke from experience.

Assassination Attempt?


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At the 2016 Chelsea Flower Show, the Queen learned that the lily of the valley could be used as a poison.

“I’ve been given two bunches this week. Perhaps they want me dead,” the Queen reportedly deadpanned in return.

The Crown’s toll is Heavy

A few years ago, the Queen had a chance to see her coronation crown again, and all she could take about was how heavy it felt.

“It weighs a ton,” she said, picking up the priceless item without even wearing gloves. “I don’t suppose you’ve seen it much?” she was asked. “No, I haven’t. Thank goodness,” she replied.

Cutting the Cake

In June 2021, The Queen insisted on using a large ceremonial sword to cut a cake before meeting with G7 leaders, but she struggled with the large weapon and was offered a smaller knife instead, but the Queen persisted.

“It’s more unusual,” she said when asked why she was forgoing the knife.

Group Picture

When Her Majesty later posed for a photo with the leaders attending the G7 summit, sge cracked a funny joke about whether or not she should smile.

“Are you supposed to look as if you’re enjoying it?” she asked.

Then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson answered, “We have been enjoying ourselves, despite appearances.”

Still Alive

When the Queen met with some people a couple of years back, one politely asked her how she was doing. Instead of a typical response such as “Fine. How are you?” The Queen answered as many her age would, telling the person she was “Still alive.”

May Her Majesty rest in peace.


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You can also watch a video of the Queen’s funniest moments below.

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