Worker Stirs Debate After Posting Video About Getting In Trouble for Clocking Out and Leaving Job On Time

One of the most frustrating things for many people who work in shift-based jobs, such as in the retail and service industries, is not being able to leave on time due to the tardiness of your relief. Having worked in the hotel industry for nearly 20 years, I can say firsthand that’s one of my biggest pet peeves. People have plans and things to do after they leave work, and far too often, they are forced to change or cancel their plans due to an inconsiderate co-worker not showing up on time.

And while there are a lot of jobs, such as ones where you are the only employee in the building, where you really can’t leave until someone else arrives, there are plenty more where a manager is on duty but will not step in to relieve you.

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In fact, the issue of not being able to leave work on time is so bad a survey in 2021 cited by the BBC fun that “one in 10 people say they work at least 20 hours a week for free,” ranging from simple tasks like taking work phone calls off the clock to performing the tasks of one’s job while technically off the clock. A 2019 study cited by CNBC similarly found that the average American worker will stay late “2.5 days a week, meaning most go home when scheduled only about half of the time.

In response, a growing number of workers began a trend that’s grown into a phenomenon called “quiet quitting,” also known as “acting your wage.” These are terms used to describe when someone fulfills the bare minimum of their job requirements and nothing more.

While TikTok user Falicity (@falicityshyannn) has yet to identify herself as part of the quiet quitting movement, her story of being reprimanded for leaving work at the end of her shift has struck a chord with many users across the internet.

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In a viral video that has amassed over 1.2 million views, Falicity says her manager approached her after she clocked out following the end of her shift.

“He’s talking about, ’So why’d you clock out?’” she recalls. “Because it’s my time to fucking go!”

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As the video continues, she explains that the manager’s real issue was that she was leaving before they had someone there to replace her. However, Falicity contends that this is a problem for management to solve, not for a shifted employee.

“Y’all are supposed to be up there. Y’all are the management. You made my schedule. I get off at 3. You know I get off at 3!” she states. “Why you wasn’t up there? I clocked out already!”

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In the comments section, many, if not most, people agreed with Falicity.

“It’s not my responsibility to stay,” one user wrote. “It’s the other employee responsibility to be on time.”

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“They not even going to pay you for being there longer than your scheduled time,” another claimed.

“If they never wanted any gaps – they would overlap employees coming/going by an hour but they won’t to save money so BYEEEEE,” a further user shared.

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“This is what I don’t understand about retail jobs. If you late you get reprimanded but it’s cool for you to stay pass your time to go home,” an additional TikToker observed.

You can watch Falicity’s video below.

Also, you can watch a discussion about the quiet quitting movement below.

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