Bald Eagles Overcome Tragedy, Hatch New Eaglet Weeks Later

Most people are familiar with the majestic bald Eagle. They are the national bird of the US, and when we see them, we feel a sense of pride.

That is also true when we have the opportunity to see a young bald eagle hatch. The young don’t really look anything like their parents but are still adorable.

It’s always sad when a bald eagle loses one of its eggs and it recently happened with a pair of Minnesota bald eagles. They had hatched a newborn and it was only a few weeks after one of the eggs was lost.

Many people actually saw this with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources EagleCam. It gives a bird’s eye view of the nest and an opportunity to see what is going on.

For weeks, the bald Eagles spent time getting the nest ready and preparing it for the female to lay eggs. She had been coming to the same nest for four years, according to the department.

Two eggs were laid in mid-February about three days apart from each other. After a snowstorm hit on February 23, the mother was still keeping the eggs warm even though she was under a pile of snow.

According to the DNR, the male and female were switching duties and “the male rose with one egg stuck to his brood patch.” It’s not sure if the egg was already broken or not.

The Kansas City Star said that they had never seen this even though they have been watching the nest for a decade. Even though they lost one of the eggs, they continue to incubate the other.

In the end, a chick was hatched on March 26.

The newborn is adorable and captured the attention of those who were watching. The DNR even referred to him as a bobblehead.

We are thankful that they were able to hatch this young one and we look forward to seeing him grow into an adult.