Entitled Woman Lies In Front of Delivery Man’s Truck To Force Him to Install Her Refrigerator for Free

Sometimes, people have a miscommunication with appliance stores regarding the delivery of their home appliances. Many assume that installation is thrown into the deal if you pay for delivery. However, that’s not always the case.

So, what do you do after learning from the delivery man that he’s only to leave your new appliance at your door? Some people would offer him cash under the table or just move and install it themselves. However, these ladies decided to try a different approach, one we cannot recommend.

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For TikTok user thotty.boyy, it started out as just another delivery. However, the delivery man would soon find himself in a crazy situation involving two very entitled customers. And for his protection, he began recording.

His video reads, “I can’t make this up.”

In the video, the two women are trying to prevent the delivery man from leaving their property because they wish for him to install the new refrigerator he just delivered.

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However, he told the ladies that he would not install the refrigerator, and that’s when things started going downhill fast. One of the women decided to lie underneath his truck to prevent him from leaving, and she would not budge!

In the video, she’s seen lying on the ground with a disapproving look on her face while calling the driver’s boss to demand he tell his employee to install her refrigerator free of charge.

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Meanwhile, the other woman stood in front of his truck to prevent him from leaving.

She is seen asking the driver to “just put it (the fridge) in the house.” But she did not stop there.

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She said:

“We can’t lift that thing; we don’t even have a dolly.”

Meanwhile, the delivery driver is stunned by the bizarre situation. Looking at the woman lying under his truck, he says:

“She wants me to hit her!?”

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Eventually, the driver managed to drag the woman from underneath his truck and safely drive away.

He then goes on to make another video explaining the entire situation and how things got crazy pretty fast.

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In the other video, the man explains:

“They have a delivery order for a fridge, and it’s only a drop-off.”

“They said, no, you have to take the old fridge out and bring this new one in!” This was not in their contract.

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The driver also explained that he did not have the proper equipment to install or move the fridge since it was only a drop-off and not an install.

However, things soon escalated out of control.

“You’re going nowhere until this is done!” One of the women said to him.

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That’s when one of the women got underneath his truck while the other jumped on the hood!

People couldn’t believe their eyes as the video was viewed over 36 million times on TikTok.

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And many people left comments to express their shock at the situation calling the two women entitled or “Karens” while totally siding with the delivery driver since the ladies chose not to pay the installation fee.

You can watch all the clips in one video below.

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