Groom Stuns Wedding Guests After His Mom Screams the Bride’s ‘Too Short’ and ‘Ugly’ to Marry Her Son

Weddings are generally costly affairs that can take months, if not years, to organize. Everything has to be just right, from the bride’s dress to the tuxedos, to the flowers, table settles, foo,d, venue, and dozens of other details. These ceremonies are so intricate they even have people who plan them professionally for a living. Lamia Al-Labawi was a bride who saw her wedding day as a special day that signified a new life with their soulmate. Everything was perfect until the ceremony began, and her future mother-in-law decided to express herself.

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The bride’s future mother-in-law said she was too “ugly and short.”

As Lamia was about to marry the love of her life, she adorned herself in a beautiful sparkling wedding gown and prepared to take a walk down the aisle. But, her future mother-in-law, who at that point had only seen pictures of the bride and never met her in person.

Allegedly, the groom’s mother was not impressed by Lamia’s appearance. According to the Yabaleft, the older woman “threw a fit,” right in front of all the guests in attendance. She said Lamia was “too short and ugly” to marry her son.

Image Source: YouTube (not the real mother-in-law)

Sadly, the man she thought would stand by her side for better or worse proved to be nothing but a wet-noodled mama’s boy who immediately abandoned her at the alter.

Many believed this was another one of those outrageous internet stories someone made up until photographic evidence cshowedLamia standing nervously next to the groom, who was so nervous he was wiping sweat from his brow with a handkerchief.

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The humiliation

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Lamia went on her social media pages to express her pain and embarrassment after being left at the alter. She explained that she was an orphan with a family to assist with the wedding expenses. In other words, she had to pay for everything, and her almost mother-in-law ruined her big day, but the embarrassment of being left by the altar was just too much for her to bear. She described how humiliated she felt and could not look any of her guests in the eye as they whispered loudly enough for her to hear them gossiping about her misfortune.

The internet rallies to support the bride

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Soon a famous theatrical artist named Hedi Merjri posted a message supporting Lamia. In short, she wrote about how the only thing she lost was a man who wasn’t worthy of being called her husband. While the would-be-mother-in-law might have felt Lamiawasn’t excellent, it was the other way around as far as Merjri saw it.

“A message to Lamia Al-Labawi, the bride whose husband ran away and left her and chose to complete the ceremony alone. I, Hedi Mejri, decided to write these words to you, and I hope they reach you,” wrote Mejri. “He added in his post: “With all love, I tell you to raise your head and face the world with all your strength. You did not lose a man, you lost whoever could be a curse in your life. So, you gained irreplaceable comfort and freedom.”

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