Salt Bae Flashes $108K Receipt From His Restaurant And People Are Close To Rioting

I think that all of us would agree that it is nice to go out and eat at a restaurant on occasion. We may even find ourselves splurging on occasion because we are having a good time.

There is always going to be a difference in what people enjoy having at a restaurant. Some people try to be frugal, looking for sales or perhaps splitting food with their spouse. Others will go all out and spend anything necessary to have a good time.

Salt Bae is a famous chef who has a restaurant in Dubai. He recently shared a picture of a receipt from that restaurant for $108,000 and was bragging about it.

Of course, not everybody could go to a restaurant and spend $108,000 on a meal. In fact, it’s hard to believe that you would spend more than six figures on any dinner in a single sitting, but it doesn’t seem to be out of the ordinary for those who visit Nusr-Et restaurant in Dubai.

That restaurant is owned by Turkish chef Salt Bae, whose real name is Nusret Gökçe. He goes viral regularly, mainly due to the high prices he charges at his restaurants. This time, he was bragging about the cost, and not everybody was happy.

He posted the image on Instagram of a check from the restaurant at the Four Seasons. The total cost is 398630 UAE dirham ($108,000).

When you look at the itemized check, you can see that the fries were $13, but the golden stakes, of which they ordered three, came in at a total of almost $1400.

The drinks also help to run up the bill, because they bought some that included four porn star martinis ($130), two bottles of Chateau Petrus 2009 ($53,900), one bottle of Petrus 2011 ($17,700) and five double glasses of the exclusive Louis XIII cognac neat ($7,500).

Imagine having a Golden Baklava for your desserts. They ordered 11 of them for a total of $1250.

After adding a $24,500 tip, the bill was beyond what most people would ever pay for a meal, or a car, or even more than what they may earn in the year.

After posting the picture, he didn’t seem overly fazed by it. The caption perhaps made some people upset, as it was: “Money comes money goes.”

Many people commented on the post, saying it was an overpriced restaurant. Others couldn’t imagine being that wealthy and then spending the money on overpriced food.

He even had some commenters who mentioned how many people could have been fed in poor countries with that money and how they had no respect for the chef.