Hollywood Legends Gather For Star-Filled Carol Burnett 90th Birthday Bash!

Birthday parties are always enjoyable, but for someone as famous as Carol Burnett, they really need to be over-the-top. Fortunately, she was able to give us exactly what we wanted on her 90th birthday recently.

A group of friends and family got together to celebrate her career as she turned 90 years old. This includes a visit from Julie Andrews, who wanted to celebrate that milestone with her in style.

A two-hour special celebration was recorded by NBC: 90 Years Of Laughing Love. 87-year-old Julie Andrews was there for the celebration.

The video was recorded in Los Angeles at the Avalon Hollywood & Bardo. If you tune in at 8 PM on April 26, you will see the celebration, which takes place on Carol Burnett’s actual birth date.

Carol Burnett has done quite a few amazing things over the years. Not only did she star for 11 seasons on CBS in The Carol Burnett Show, she also played in Annie as Miss Hannigan and on Broadway and Once Upon a Mattress.

Over the years, she has maintained a close friendship with Julie Andrews, one of the stars that showed up for the celebration.

Musical performances also took place at the celebration from Billy Porter, Bernadette Peters, Katy Perry, and a number of other stars.

When Julie Andrews joined her on the red carpet, it was really something to see. The two of them showed just how close they have remained over the years.

Along with wearing some attractive clothing, Carol Burnett also had her signature hairstyle. She was there with friends and family she had been with for decades.

It was an amazing celebration and one that they will have a difficult time topping. I wonder what she has in mind for 100 years?