Prayers Pour In For Flo Rida’s Son After Devastating Window Fall

As parents, we all realize that children are going to take a tumble sometimes. There may also be times when the tumble is more than a passing issue.

That is what happened with Flo Rita’s six-year-old son, who fell out of an apartment window from the fifth floor. He is now in intensive care after the accident.

Six-year-old Zohar Dillard suffered injuries after falling five stories to the concrete below. He had suffered from a neurological disorder from birth and now has fractures on his left foot and pelvis.

Additional injuries from the fall include collapsed lungs, a lacerated liver, and internal bleeding. The rapper, whose true name is Tamar Trace Dillard, is not speaking publicly about the condition of his son.

His lawyer, on the other hand, is speaking out on the subject. According to PEOPLE, Stephen P Haddard wants the building managers to be held accountable for the issues. He wants a jury trial because they are “in a negligent, careless and reckless manner creating foreseeable and dangerous conditions.”

The papers have been filed and the owners and managers of the building, including the construction company and the company that installed the windows, are named as defendants.

Included in the claims are that there were ‘incorrect sized guards’ on the fifth-floor apartment windows. As a result, they were ‘thereby breaching their duty of care.’

The attorney went on to say: “As a single mom to a special-needs child, this feels like a nightmare. My heart is broken into a million pieces.

“I am devastated, angry, and struggling to come to terms with the fact that my only child has suffered severe injuries due to willful negligence of our landlord and others involved In failing to take necessary safety measures.”

Unspecified damages or being sought as a result of the accident. They also want the companies to pay medical bills and attorney fees.