Server’s Viral Rant Calls Out Cheap Tippers: “It’s Not Cute Anymore”

If you eat out at a restaurant in the United States, you are expected to tip the server. It may not be mandatory in every case, but it is something that is expected.

Some people find tipping to be a nuisance, feeling that the restaurant should pay the server more. Then again, if the server is paid more, you will end up spending more on the food.

An 18% tip for more is usually considered to be good. There are some people who tip less and other people who don’t give any money to the server. Of course, there may be differences depending upon the service.

Recently on TikTok, one server went on a rampage about people who tip less than 20%, calling them lousy tippers. He said he doesn’t think it’s cute for people to leave a five-dollar tip for a $10 tip when the bill is $200 or more. He then went on to tell people how to calculate a proper tip.


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Some people were agreeable with what he had to say but other people felt he went too far. One person said they give a good tip because they want to, but what he said rubbed them the wrong way.

Another one spoke about servers being entitled and said that inflation affects everyone.

This is one of those topics that will continue to be a concern, both for servers and for those who visit the restaurant.