Bank Robbing ‘Criminal Mastermind Couple’ Busted After Posting Themselves Posing with the Loot on Facebook

While many people decry the evils of social media, they fail to acknowledge one benefit it’s had for society regarding criminals who are the dumbest of the dumb.

These days many police departments have their own social media pages, which allow them to communicate with their communities and receive anonymous tips from citizens concerning criminal activities.

And while written accounts filled with essential details are helpful, actual visual confirmation is always better — especially when the criminals are so kind to provide it themselves.

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In 2015, an Ohio couple was put behind bars after they were so kind to lead police right to them.

John Mogan (age 28) and Ashley Duboe (Age 24) were charged with robbing the Savings Bank in Asheville, Ohio, that August after Mogan uploaded a series of selfies of himself posing with the loot online, which he called his “McStack.”

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He also posed with his Ashley holding wads of cash while in front of a sign that gave authorities a good idea where they might have fled, as the sign in the background read “The State of Georgia Salutes.”

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The Bank Heist

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The robbery took place on August 24.

According to police, Morgan walked into the bank wearing a black hoodie that covered his facial tattoos. He has “loyalty Thin” written on his right cheek and “Brtrayl’s Thick” on his right.

The man handed the bank teller a note and walked out with what is believed to have been thousands of dollars.

There is no mention of weapons in court documents.

Showing Off

About a week later, on August 31, Morgan posted a photo of himself driving while munching on a massive wad of cash.

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According to the Smoking Gun, a relative of Morgan’s commented on the photo that he “didn’t hook a brother up.”

Morgan said, “That’s called a McStack.”

Another post from Morgan said: “I got six bands bra real sh*t n**ga. I’m doing rrree-aaaaalll) good.”

Police Liked His Post

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Police received quite a few tips about the robbery, but none panned out.

However, information was soon relayed via Central Ohio Crime Stoppers that conn3ected the Facebook photos that led police to focus on Mogan and Ashey.

Not His First Robbery

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A background search uncovered that Mogan had only been released from prison after robbing a bank in 2010 in Lancaster, a city just 20 miles from Ashville.

He was also on parole at the time of the robbery, after he was released from prison on July 19, a little over a month before the theft.

Karma Pays Them a Visit

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The couple was arrested in Pataskala, where Mogan was charged with third-degree felony robbery and fifth-degree felony theft.

Ashley faced the exact charges, and both were held on a $250,000  bond.

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On December 30, Mogan was sentenced to 36 months in state prison and had to pay $6,430 in restitution to the bank after pleading guilty.

His girlfriend, Ashley, also pleaded guilty as the getaway driver and was sentenced to two years and ordered to help repay the money.

You can also watch a video about this story below.

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