Carpenter Hides Frightful Prank Inside House During Renovation to Scare the Socks Off Future Homeowners

Pranks are the kind of jokes you either love or hate.

They can be pretty straightforward, like putting a bucket of water over a door, or rather elaborate, like taking part and rebuilding someone’s car inside their living room.

These days people come up was all kinds of crazy pranks. Thanks to platforms like YouTube, they are everywhere, and you never know when you could become the punchline of their joke.

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Pranks are funny content people can’t get enough of, and many go viral.

However, some pranks are a bit too annoying and scary.

Coming up with a funny prank that’s harmless and goes viral isn’t easy. But, if you do, it’s bound to give a lot of people a good laugh.

Like most folks, Cole Henderson, who works as the lead carpenter for Callier & Thompson, loves pulling pranks.

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One day Cole found the opportunity to put together an epic prank that he’d wanted to do for years. He knew it was well worth the wait, and when the opportunity presented itself, he went for it!

When a homeowner in St. Louis got in touch with Cole’s remodeling company in Manchester, Missouri, the carpenter felt excited when he learned they wanted Callier & Thompson to renovate their kitchen.

It was the moment Cole had been waiting for!

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Now, Cole isn’t an idiot. He discussed his prank with the clients, who thought it was a fantastic idea. They loved it and gave Cole their blessing.

The game plan was to hide a skeleton in one new kitchen cabinet. Cole got the idea from a meme that he just tweaked.

“The original meme just had a skeleton, so I decided to throw my work uniform on it,” Henderson said in his interview with TODAY. “20 or 30 years down the road when that gets remodeled, it will give somebody a jump scare.”

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Anyone who heard about his plan would call it genius!

Bob Strate, the co-owner and president of Callier & Thompson, was also told about the prank, and he too thought it was a brilliant idea.

Strate said that finding items like time capsules wasn’t unusual in their field of work. Once, they worked on a home built in late 1800 to early 1900 and found an old newspaper hidden in the walls.

Now, that’s pretty cool! Discovering something that old and being able to peek into the everyday lives of people back then.

Can you imagine Cole’s long-term vision?

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Cole’s prank would unravel after a couple of decades, and for the people involved, the wait will be well worth it.

Another person who loved Cole’s idea was his 3-year-old son, Adrian.

Adrain loved the plan.

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The little boy is a big fan of Halloween, and being with his dad when he brought the skeleton home got the little tike a lot of joy.

“The day that I went and picked up the skeleton and brought him home, my 3-year-old son basically made friends with the skeleton the night before I took him to the job site,” Cole happily shared.

They named him “Skelly.”

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The photos Cole shared on Facebook soon went viral and are hilarious.

And, of course, Skelly still has the marker in his hands.

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After a couple of decades, when future owners remodel, they will find Skelly still hard at work.

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