Senior Spots Karaoke Machine at Goodwill and Rocks the Store with Her Lively Performance

Ever since the hip-hop artist Macklemore came out with his hit single “Thrift Shop,” a song that glamourized shopping at second-hand stores, young folks started looking at shops like Goodwill in a new light.

Sure, these places are not the most exciting, and their merchandise isn’t always in mint condition, but if you’re patient, you can find some pretty good stuff at these stores, especially if you shop in those near wealthy neighborhoods (that’s a little pro tip).

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Deanna Mae Garvin is the person who always walks around with a song in her heart. And one day, she decided to share that song with the world during a visit to her local Goodwill second-hand shop.

Deanna Notices a Karaoke Machine

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While shopping at the Goodwill in Hamilton, Ohio, Deanna searched for a good karaoke machine. When she found one, she asked an employee to help bring it down from the top shelf. In return, the employee asked her to sing a little something to liven up the store. Being a woman who loves to sing, Deanna couldn’t say no.

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Shopper John Schuerfranz noticed Deanna singing and began filming her performance, he then posted it on Facebook, and since then, the video has been a massive hit, going viral within hours.

“She told me she found the Karaoke machine and she wanted to take it back to the nursing home she visits,” Schuerfranz wrote alongside the video, which he posted on Aug. 8, continuing to say that she was “so energetic.”

Deanna Rocks the House

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Dressed in her stylish purple outfit and wearing a lovely white crochet vest, Deanna was as adorable as she could be, singing along with a high-spirited version of the classic spiritual, “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands.”

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And it didn’t stop there. During her breaks between songs, she chatted with the customers, who began to gather around to let them know she’d already worn out two karaoke machines.

“She’s just going along singing and looking at the camera, and just having a great time and I thought ‘this is wonderful.’ I mean, what a spirit,” Schuerfranz told WLWT Cincinnati, who reported on the video.

“I love music and I love people,” Garvin told the news channel.

The Internet Loved Deanna

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Since the video was posted, WLWT Cincinnati reports it’s been viewed over 34,000 times, which astounded Deanna.

“I was a very shy, backward girl and it’s hard to believe, even for me,” she said.

Ending on a Sweet Note

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But that wasn’t the only surprise in store for her. A customer bought the karaoke machine before she could and decided to give it to her as a gift, reports KOLD News 13.

In the original video posted to Facebook, Schuerfranz is heard saying in the background.

“This may go viral.” Then he tells Garvin, “You may be an overnight sensation.”

You can watch a news report about Deanna’s heartwarming story below.

And you can watch Deanna’s uncut performance in the video below.

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