Bride Does Some Quick Thinking When She Learns Her Cousin Is Wearing A Red Dress To The Wedding To Show She Slept With The Groom First

The most important day in many people’s lives is the day that they get married. They plan things out to the extreme and they expect everything to go perfectly from the beginning till the end. Then again, we all realize that things are going to go perfectly.

That simple fact makes the following story so interesting. It seems as if a woman was arguing with her cousin over the man she was intending to marry. She had some struggles because her cousin had slept with her husband to be before they met each other, but now she was determined to marry him.

Her cousin decided that she was going to disrupt the wedding by wearing a red dress, signifying that she had actually slept with him before his new bride did. Rather than cause a disruption in the family, the bride decided to get some other women involved and the end result was better than you can imagine.

So my husband and my cousins hooked up before I met him 8 years ago. They met at a party and they hooked up that night but he wasn’t interested in anything more so he told her it’s not gonna happen.

A couple of months later I met him and we started dating. A year later we made it official. My cousin recognized him from that night and demanded that I would break up with him because it was gross. And honestly I did think it was gross at first but the damage was already done. I was in love with him so I basically chose him. She was one of my closest friends and while we get along okay now we’re not as close as we used to be because she thinks I’m gross.

I got married a few weeks ago. And the months leading to my wedding my cousin made it clear that she’s gonna wear a red dress. A red dress means that she’s slept with the groom. At first I thought she was joking but no. I asked her not to do it because I didn’t want gossip in my wedding and a reminder that “I’m gross” but she said that it was the truth. I asked mom what would happen if I didn’t invite my cousin and she said it would mean a lot of drama with the family. A war. So I simply asked my sisters, my closest friends and my 3 bridesmaids to wear red. I asked everyone to keep it a secret because honestly, I didn’t want my cousin to have time to find another way to make drama. All and all about 17 girls and many of their SO also had different shades of red. The girls were stunningly beautiful and their SO’s very handsome. My cousin was shocked and livid because she thought she would be the only one wearing red. She sulked the whole ceremony and left early.

Today I got an email from my aunt that I’m a bitch for hurting my cousin by first stealing her man and now being petty on my wedding day? I don’t agree. I’m happy nobody ruined my wedding and I’m thankful for my girls who rose up to the occasion. I love you❤️

Source: Reddit